LA County funds its Sheriff’s Department to the tune of $3.4 BILLION, despite a well-recorded history of violence and abuse of power.

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The LA County Sheriff’s Department has killed at least 336 people since 2000. They lead the nation in killings, second only to the LAPD.

The murder (and coverup) of 18 year old Andres Guardado by the Sheriff’s Department is part of a long-standing track record of abuse of power.

LA County paid $81 million in lawsuits and settlements due to Sheriff misconduct last year alone. Paid for with taxpayer money.

JusticeLA and community members across
LA County are calling on the LA County
Board of Supervisors to defund the Sheriff
and invest those billions into what actually
keeps our communities safe: housing, youth
development, healthcare and other life-supporting

Help us defund the Sheriff and transform Los
Angeles today!